Good Art Project | Amy Burkman
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Our Mission

Good Art Project is a nonprofit organization creating murals and live art performances to educate, inspire and raise money for important causes.

Executive Director and Master Artist Amy Burkman has dedicated her life to doing art to help others. She started with creating educational murals in West Africa and she’s now raised over $1 million dollars for charity through art. Good Art Project will help even more organizations through the power of art and employ artists around the country to do the same. We have an amazing team of women on the board ranging from business owners to environmental planners, artists and past Peace Corp volunteers. We believe in doing art for good to help heal and inspire hope. We invite you to learn more about our current projects and then join us and make an impact with your donation.

Creating Art For Good. - Good Art Project
Amy Burkman - Mural
Amy Burkman - Live Art with Heart - Animal Rights National Conference
Amy Burkman - West Africa Mural

Our Team

Amy Burkman - Good Art Project

Amy Burkman

Executive Director / Master Artist
Amy is a muralist and live art entertainer who has dedicated the last 10 years of her life to doing art for good. She started with creating educational murals in West Africa and she’s now raised nearly $1 million dollars through art for charitable organizations around the world including cancer research groups, animal rights advocates, children’s hospitals and many others. As the Executive Director of Good Art Project, Amy is thrilled to continue using art as a way to help even more organizations and employ artists around the country to do the same.
Anna Ortega - Good Art Project

Anne Ortega

Board Member
Anne is an entrepreneur and co-owner of Northern Pine Brewing in Oceanside, CA. She has combined her talent for leadership with her love for craft beer and the great outdoors to build a business that is dedicated to giving back to the community and beyond. Having had the opportunity to work with a range of businesses, people, and organizations, Anne is excited to now be a part of Good Art Project and help build opportunities for deserving artists.

Jennifer Sucha - Good Art Project

Jennifer Sucha

Board Member
Jennifer has worked in the nonprofit sector since 2003 working for the UCLA Dashew International Center serving international students learning to navigate a new life in the United States, as well as for the Nature Conservancy where she dedicated her time restoring endemic and indigenous habitat critical to the wildlife of Oahu. Jennifer is thrilled to be able to channel her passion for humanitarian, environmental and artistic causes to Good Art project.
Shelby Gale - Good Art Project

Shelby Gale

Board Member
Shelby Gale is a returned Peace Corps volunteer (2008-2010) whose main project was dedicated to creating and implementing educational and nutritional murals for the benefit of the local nationals in underserved areas throughout the country of Mali.

Seana McKee - Good Art Project

Seana McKee

Officer / Secretary
Seana began working in the nonprofit sector in 2012 as the Public Relations Manager for Family Connection of SC where she served as an advocate for children with special healthcare needs and their families. She continues to dedicate her time and experience to help organizations and individuals committed to supporting those in need. Seana is excited to be a part of Good Art Project’s team and help even more organizations through the power of art.
Jeanne Burkman - Good Art Project

Jeanne Burkman

Office / Treasurer
Jeanne Burkman was the Office Supervisor for California Highway Patrol (CHP) for 30 years. While working there, she volunteered with the CHP Squad Club, a nonprofit organization that raised money for high school scholarships, children with Down syndrome and local sports uniforms. Jeanne is thrilled to join Good Art Project and continue giving back through art.