Speed Painting Artist | Amy Burkman
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Welcome to Live Art with Heart! Featuring:

Amy Burkman

What Amy Does

Amy Burkman has a passion of using performance art and inspirational murals as a platform to help others. She believes that art can be a powerful way to inspire awareness and support various philanthropic causes.  The motto is “Art with Heart” and in her experience the reality of using art in conjunction with business and social initiatives can contribute to raising money for various causes to help communities all around the world.  From live art to pet portraits and custom work, Amy can do it all! Her goal is to donate one million dollars from the proceeds of her art. Book an event with Amy today and help her on her pursuit!

What Is Live Art?

Amy specializes in live art which is an extraordinarily unique and mesmerizing art performance show incorporating speed-painting, choreography, music, and philanthropy. Amy can transform a large canvas into a beautiful painting in less than ten minutes. The music, energy, and art create a dynamic performance that will leave you inspired!

Wolf Rescue Auction Action Wolf

Hire Amy For An Event

Great for any event, hire Amy Burkman art for your next fundraiser, auction, corporate event, school event or even art festival!

Do you wish to raise money for a special cause? Auctioning off Amy’s paintings is an amazing way to fundraise. Her paintings have auctioned for thousands of dollars and will provide fun and inspiring entertainment for your guests.

Do you want to incorporate team-building skills into your business? Amy can incorporate an interactive and educational painting session where your employees create their own works of art.


Amy’s shows are also popular for school assemblies to create an invigorating educational experience. Whether it be a renowned historical figure, school mascot, or animal, Amy Burkman Art conveys the message through an interactive fun and a unique show!


Amy prides herself in her commitment to client relationships and the opportunity to give back to the community. Her experience as a fine artist has given her the skills and flexibility to customize your show to produce an image that inspires and conveys the message that you want for your audience. She dedicates hours of practice and blends her design expertise for every production to create the highest quality performance and painting.  

Hear from people who have worked with Amy:

Amy has dedicated her heart and years of philanthropic experience through art to deliver a message that is inspirational, motivating, and delivered with purpose. It’s not just live art, it’s live are with a heart. Join Amy on her journey to reach one million dollars in donations to charities!